Today’s Fashion to Furnishings topic is made possible by the sensational . This lady is not only a hottie, but also an incredibly sucessful entrepreneur. She began sculpting her own interior design company in ’95. Since then she’s managed a home furnishings line (sold via ),  a collection of rugs (found in the Rug Company), and designer sheets for . The most recent addition to her impressive resume is her very own line of clothing and jewelry found at  and .

Ms. Wearstler knows how to make a statement, and a fabulous one at that. Today we’re  bringing light to Ms. Wearstler’s eclectic fashion & furniture featuring a bold, big, black & white checkerd pattern. Stylish Eve explains that Ms. Wearstler was inspired, “mainly by the eccentric fashion of Beetle Juice along with the punk and English underground cultures. That’s why; such motives were sufficiently reflected through the shapes and prints.” How she managed to pull this chic à la mode collection from something as repulsive as Beetlejuice is beyond me. Brava!


“With my interiors, fashion has been so influential.” Ms. Wearstler

We agree that the black and white checkered pattern is fit for fashion and for furnishings, it is the anti-lackluster.  Here’s a shot of a Houstonian’s living room our design team tossed together.


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