Sound the sirens, and roll out the banners – fall is here! I get so excited to see the season transition away from summer, and now I can finally say my favorite time of year has arrived. It’s a legit obsession, ladies and gents. Every year, October 1 is marked on my calendar as “Halloween decorating,” and I love everything about fall- the cooler weather, pumpkin carving with my twin girls and all of the cozy, holiday décor!

If cozy décor, fall colors and Halloween aren’t enough to convince you that fall is, in fact, the superior season, take a look to see (in no particular order) my top reasons why I believe fall is the real “most wonderful time of the year.”


1) Gourds

Okay, I know I said no particular order, but I had to give decorative gourds the top spot. I honestly don’t know what it is about them, but gourds are my true symbol of fall. I love their ability to instantly transform an interior design into a cozy environment with such beautiful color and texture. If you can’t tell by now, they just make me – and apparently Martha Stewart – so happy!

martha-stewart-october2) Comfort Food

I will readily admit- I am not a chef! But, I do love all of the traditional foods associated with fall. I can’t think of a better way to spend a cool, crisp evening than with friends and family, bonding over a hearty, home-cooked meal.

thanksgiving-dinnerMedical News Today

3) Vegetables

With a new season brings new gardening opportunities, and I can’t wait to see the veggies I already planted start to bloom and also seed new plants! This is the right time to plant tomatoes, yes?

fall-vegetablesWholehearted Parenting

4) Cozy holiday décor

From Halloween decorations to comfy wool throws, I always spruce up the interior of my home for the season! The girls, Michael and I went shopping for Halloween decorations already, and this year, the girls were absolutely infatuated with zombies. Needless to say, we might have some interesting Halloween décor around the house soon.


5) Sweater Weather

If you caught my chat with “Houston’s handbag queen,” Elaine Turner, you’ll know fashion comes through in my interior design more than my wardrobe, but I can’t deny that I love a comfy cashmere sweater to relax in. Bring on the cooler temps and the cozy sweaters!


Mes Voyages a Paris

6) Pumpkin Carving

This fall tradition can get messy, so now I have a ceramic pumpkin I bring out every year, and it works perfectly with my interiors. The classic design has just the right amount of spook, and the teeth of the jack-o-lantern spells out our last name! Talk about a mouth-full!


7) Changing Colors

I made it to our Aspen Office just in time to see the leaves changing this year – sigh! While we don’t have quite as dramatic of a color shift here in Houston, we still enjoy a subtle change and we are lucky to have a truly beautiful fall and winter.

autumn-colorsGranu Lawn of Dallas

8) Halloween

My twin girls, Liv and Ryan, are at such a fun age. Trick-or-treating is the high point of the season, and I love their excitement when they choose their costumes. This year I think we have settled on a cheetah and a cat outfit. Apparently, since we can’t have a cat at home (thanks Dad!) we are a bit obsessed with everything feline.  I love the sense of community with everyone in our neighborhood being out and about – even for just one night!

halloweenGoods Homes Design

9) Thanksgiving

Last, but certainly not least, Thanksgiving is a holiday I treasure. Friends and family coming together to give thanks and share laughter, memories and to indulge in lots of amazing food. It doesn’t get better than that!


If you weren’t already celebrating the changing of the season, I hope this helps jumpstart your excitement for fall. Cheers to a new season, and may the next few months be filled with warm decor, home-cooked meals, cozy sweaters and everything family!

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Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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