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Designing for children’s playrooms is one of our favorite things! Our client’s East Shore Retreat is a second home, and they wanted something more colorful and casual (but still as elegant) as their primary home. We wanted to get in touch with our inner child and design a playroom that a kid would never want to leave. According to our clients, that’s exactly what’s happened—their daughter always wants to be in her playroom!

As we tend to do, we started with a neutral, buttery yellow, backdrop, and then began layering on color.

The brightly striped carpet is both colorful and fun, yet sophisticated enough that it will easily make the transition as the children (and their tastes) mature.

A Hettler. Tüllmann Peel Pendant lamp from CB2 throws amazing light patterns through its slices of oak veneer, giving a bright but playful light layer.[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]IMG_5244[/ezcol_1third_end]

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At a table perfect for art projects, the transparent mini-chairs offer seating without making the room look cluttered or crowded, and the wide window seat (see below) is the perfect quiet place to read or dream.

These fun storage pieces give us striking and useful storing space for art supplies and games, as well as hiding technology for the wide screen’s parade of hits.

There’s a lot of open floor space for play with favorite toys and imaginative games. The fantastic and playful Zuo Modern Pup chairs have a clean design esthetic that sits beautifully alongside the tangerine folds of the Zuo Modern Polygon sleeper chair. This is a great flex piece as it easily and quickly folds out for sleepovers with friends.



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See you soon!