Hi Everyone! It is a still a little gray out today and, although it is across the pond, I feel like we are right in the middle of London. Seems like the perfect opportunity to take a look at the influences this diverse and vibrant city has on the design industry.

Once you’ve spent a Spring in London, you’ll yearn for another all over again. People tend think of London as a place of fog and rain, but, in reality, there really are days of sunshine and plenty of greenery and parks scattered throughout the city. Spring brings blue skies, brisk breezes, and fresh blossoms in London gardens.

If you’ve visited our Pinterest boards, you’ll notice we’ve created boards for different cities that stand alone as true design inspirations. London is one of our favorite places—it’s one of the top world cities, if not THE world city and there’s nowhere quite like it.


If you take a look at our London | Design Inspiration board, you’ll see a LOT of bright and cheery white and neutrals. While it does have plenty of beautiful days full of sunshine, is still pretty far north and there are days, if not weeks, of rain and gloom. This also means some short days when the sun comes up around 10 and disappears around 4 in the afternoon. So, it’s important to maximize light and designers like Blakes London have made white and whitewashed, Scandi-inspired interiors very popular in the city.


(Isn’t that AGA stove to die for?!)

 That’s not to say, of course, that there isn’t plenty of color in UK decor; the red of the British library, iconic Routemaster buses, and the famous Royal Post boxes, as well as dark yet vibrant colors of the cozy English detective novel also have their place in London aesthetic. Right now, a contemporary, clean and eclectic look for furnishings is en vogue.


Often focused on brilliant and vibrant color, with a clean aesthetic, British urban decor is definitely not just pubs and country homes!

For more of some of our favorite looks in the beautiful city of London, please visit the Pinterest board!

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