Flashy shower curtains, animal-print towel mats and, of course, piles of bath time toys, can quickly create a recipe for sensory overload in children’s bathrooms. As a mother of two energetic twin girls, I completely understand the delicate balancing act required to design a playful, kid-friendly bathroom that won’t offend your adult senses!

For my clients with kiddos of their own, I encourage spending extra time on the interior detailing of the space just as you would any other room in the house. Since children’s bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, I also tend to focus on details and fab hues rather than statement pieces to add the finishing touches to a design.

For all of the moms and dads out there attempting to pull off a fun, yet adult-friendly, bathroom for the kids, here are some of my favorite children’s bathrooms that my team and I have created over the years.



Yellow tile is a favorite of mine when designing a youthful bathroom. This gender-neutral color paired with ultra-white keeps a space contemporary, vibrant and fun without creating an overwhelming bombardment of color and shape. Love!


For this design, I worked with Daltile for the yellow hue and Vogue Bay for the white, and I absolutely love how they complement one another! The varying widths of stripes add dimension to the room and create a polished finish.

To balance the colorful mosaic tile, I decided to keep the rest of the room simple and add subtle detailing. Notice the Anthropologie hardware on the cabinetry and how the gold accents blend with the yellow tile and dark wood to create one seamless design – it’s all in the details!


In the similar example above (same bathroom as the lead image from the blog), the yellow and white tile combination creates the perfect balance of fun and clean. However, in this instance, the yellow stripes have equal width, while the white is slightly smaller in size. No matter the dimensions, both arrangements have a fun outcome!

Multicolored Mayhem

On the other hand, your little one might insist on a handful of mixed colors, and that’s OK, too! The key to working with multiple colors is balance.


In the example above, this vibrant wallcovering wraps almost the entirety of the bathroom; however, it doesn’t seem overwhelming! The large size of the tile, cream cabinetry and white shower curtain stabilize the vibrant hues to make for a fun and lively design.

Pro tip: Bathrooms experience high heat and humidity on a daily basis, so ensure that wallcoverings are of the proper type (vinyl) and have proper installation to prevent adhesive and mold complications.

Work in Details!

With the small space that children’s bathrooms typically provide, I always look to details to enhance the interior design. Think lighting, rugs and hardware. These options not only contribute to the design, but they are also already essentials for the bathroom. Focusing on these design opportunities allows room for a fab design without adding unnecessary items in an already small space.


I love quick and simple pieces like this Dash and Albert multicolored rug. It provides tons of color on a small palette – ideal for smaller rooms! Additionally, the orange Scott and Cooner pendant lighting against the complementary blue create the perfect dynamic for a pop of color. See here [link to colors blog] for more information about the color wheel and how it can contribute to your next interior design!

Children’s bathrooms are excellent opportunities to have fun with the design of a room so don’t hesitate to try out different color combinations or unique details! For more interior design inspiration, head over to my Pinterest and Instagram.




Ohorona24.in.uamansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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