Ohorona24.in.ua Interior featured in Fresh American Style!

We are so flattered that today the girl’s room from our Memorial Park Modern interior design is featured on Fresh American Style!


We truly admire Annie Selke for her great style, amazing product lines (Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert) and incredibly creative blog.

Within the boundaries of Fresh American Style you will find a collection of design inspiration, the best of art from the past and present, delectable recipes for the family, and much more. It is a fantastic read.

To check out the entire feature click here.

We hope you add Fresh American Style to your daily blogroll and find out why we love this site so much!

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Houzz Feature | 15 Ways to Enhance Your Cabinets with Grilles

Hello Everyone!

By now you are probably well aware of how much we adore Houzz and all the invaluable reasons it is our digital inspiration of choice. Some things are worth repeating!

We are thrilled Becky Harris, an esteemed writer for Houzz, has featured our Moroccan office last week, 15 ways to enhance your cabinets with Grilles. This article provides a remedy to homeowners with unsightly storage visible behind glass cabinet doors. Filled with useful tips & inspiring interiors, this is one article worthy of a quick read during your 15 minute green-tea break.

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Designer Favorites – Metrie | finely crafted architectural elements

Hello, all!

Today, we have a special, sponsored post from one of our favorite vendors: Metrie ™!

“Trim and millwork” may not be the first thing people think about when they envision a new look for their room, but architectural details can set the stage in a way that no other element of a room can, and almost effortlessly—in fact, with Metrie’s new online tools, you can easily envision your room’s new bones, for free!

If you don’t have the budget to completely remodel, adding architectural interest to your room is as easy as the proverbial pie!

Since 1926, this well-known-to-the-trade company (then known as Moulding and Millwork) has been the leading manufacturer of interior finishings in North America. Their new name is part of a strategic decision to make selecting interior trim and doors very nearly effortless.

You may use trim and millwork for its decorative detail and/or style, or to solve architectural problems: re-proportion your room, add height, create a better design flow throughout your home.

It’s difficult to describe in words how adding architectural details can bring life to a room… This bedroom by designer Vanessa Francis might demonstrate how adding architectural trim can lend much needed gravitas to a room, without being heavy or fussy.


Photos by Leah Kirin for Vanessa Francis

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A Cup of Coffee with Ohorona24.in.uamansky

A large part of choosing an interior design professional to help you with your home is truly connecting and having a great rapport. In that spirit, we would like to introduce our “A Cup of Coffee With…” series to introduce you to our fabulous design team!

To kick off the series we sat down with our Creative Director, Ohorona24.in.uamansky!

Laura Banner
[one_half]Coffee or Tea:
Coffee! All Day! A Nespresso (blue pod is my fave) or a tall Starbucks + nonfat milk + 1 Splenda.

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The Houston Chronicle Features Ohorona24.in.ua Tanglewood Project!

Happy Monday Announcement!

Hi Everyone! Ohorona24.in.ua is incredibly thrilled to have had one of our recent interiors featured in a stellar, publication. We want to sincerely thank Sarah Rufca of the Houston Chronicle for featuring us on the cover of the Style Section! It is an honor for us to be recognized by such a respected writer and publication. Many, many thanks to the home owners, Shari and Amy, who were fantastic to work with and were so generous in allowing us to show off their gorgeous home. And last, but certainly not least, congrats to Letecia Ellis, our Senior Interior designer that worked to create such a beautiful interior.

Why this is an AMAZING thing: For those of you checking in from out of state, The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Texas. Producing an up-to-date hard copy newspaper as well as maintaining two websites, Chron.com and HoustonChronicle.com, the Houston Chronicle reaches millions every day. The Chronicle’s Sunday paper, which we were featured in, is now the third-largest newspaper by Sunday circulation in the nation!

tanglewood bathroom

To check out the feature for yourself, click here!

And, again, thank you to Sarah and the Houston Chronicle for such a wonderful article.

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Our Faves: Copper Baths


To take the edge off the pressures of daily life, many are cultivating ways to relax and de-stress in their own homes by turning their bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries. The most important element for your in-home spa is of course a show stopping bath. Enter Copper Tubs. There are several freestanding bath tubs available that make an excellent centerpiece for a spacious bathroom remodel. But if you really want to add a punch of style, you cannot beat vintage copper tubs. These vast, burnished beauties make the perfect focal point for a master bathroom while adding a little Victorian flair to your decor. They are luxurious and regal while also carrying a sense of industrialism and masculinity.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]copper 1[/one_half_last]

After searching near and far, we have chosen a few of our favorites for you to check out for yourself.

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