Montebello Collected High-rise Reveal

One of the things I’m frequently asked is where I find design inspiration. Though I do find inspiration in magazines, and on trips to market, the first place I look for inspiration is from my clients. My team and I dedicate time at the beginning of the design process to learn more about their favorite pieces and collections so we can incorporate them into the overall design to create a space that reflects their unique story.

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City Living in this Glam Houston High-rise

The only thing guaranteed in life is change. Things are constantly evolving, growing and taking you to new places. And design is a lot like life. It changes based on your style preferences, lifestyle, and location. One of my favorite parts of being a designer is getting to walk through life with our clients. Whether it’s working on a new home construction project, designing a nursery or doing renovations, sharing these moments with our clients is so exciting!  

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Contemporary gold and white modern kitchen - Interior

Fall in love with this stunning modern kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the table is where memories are made. I have so many wonderful stories with friends and family that took place around my table over shared meals, so kitchens are a very special place for me.

Whether you’re cooking dinner for the family, hosting your friends or enjoying a date night, your kitchen should be inviting, beautiful and of course functional. Today I’m diving into my favorite things about this stunning modern kitchen. It gives off some serious industrial vibes, while maintaining a fresh and inviting feel.

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Project Reveal: Luxurious Family Home

The idea of restoring a home back to its original beauty is what makes renovation projects so exciting. When we were asked to turn this 1980’s home into something sophisticated, we couldn’t wait to get started! The homeowners wanted to maintain much of the original structure, so some areas of the home were fully renovated while other areas were cosmetically altered. Throughout the process, we worked with the architect and builder to develop a cohesive design.

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Modern French Country Bedroom - Interior

Project Reveal: Modern French Country Home

Our clients loved the nature and lifestyle of being in the suburbs but also desired the modern and contemporary designs that are found in the city. So when they asked us to design a home for them to retire in, we wanted the space to bring together the best of both worlds. This retreat home (which was featured in !) is a modern, efficient, no-frills space. It was designed to be functional and family-friendly but definitely isn’t light on the luxurious details.

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Classic and Bright family home - Interior

Project Reveal: A Classic and Bright Family Home

For today’s project reveal, we are taking a trip back to 2014. I know that a design from 4 years ago may seem a bit dated, but I can assure you, this home is anything but stuck in the past. The romantic design with modern details is the perfect representation of this sophisticated couple. A large piece of art by Angela Fraleigh in the formal living room inspired the neutral colors and soft purple hues we used throughout their home. 

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Plaid classic kitchen flooring - Interior

Project Reveal: Global Glamour

Our clients have a love of glamour, travel, and accessibility. They wanted a space that was luxurious, yet practical – one that their family could grow into while staying true to their roots. So when it came to designing their home, there was only one thing that came to mind…Global Glamour.

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New traditional Texas family home - Interior

Project Reveal: New Traditional Home

Renovations are always exciting! Large-scale remodels are one of our specialties and they allow for us to breathe new life into an older home. In this project reveal, we’re delving the details behind a lovely traditional home with gorgeous natural light and great bones.

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Moody and Modern City High Rise Interior - Interior

Project Reveal: Moody & Modern City High Rise

At, we specialize in creating Classically Current interiors for fine residences. We often focus our design skills on new home construction or large-scale renovations, but we also love the dive deep into apartments and high rise design! The challenge of creating an interior that is both functional for city living and elegantly appointed requires that we hone in on our client’s needs and highlight them within the space.

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Romantic and Modern neutral dining room - Interior

Project Reveal: A Romantic and Modern Houston Home

We love designing interiors that are based on the key elements of classic elegance, functionality, and comfort. In this recent project, these components were our main focus. Our client has a young family and a love for travel so we wanted a space that was functional and family-friendly. The homeowner fell in love with the warm and natural hues of the desert town of Sedona and wanted to pull in the earthy textures and tones throughout her home. The result –  a design that is modern yet, soothing and comfortable all tied together within a neutral color palette.

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