In Awe of our Strong Community

As I write, I can see the sun shining outside the windows of the studio. This is a welcome sight. This is also something that I took for granted before Hurricane Harvey devastated so many neighborhoods in and around the City of Houston. Now, I see this sunny day as a sign of hope.

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The Design Team Tours Laura’s New Home!

Demolition is in full swing over at our new home and Michael and I are so excited to see such quick progress. Now that most of the home is stripped to the studs – it’s time to kick the design into high gear! This renovation is going to be a huge task, so I recruited just a little help from the fabulous design team at We will collaborate on several rooms throughout my home and I’m SO excited to have their creative input!

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Farewell, Dryden. Hello, Boulevard Oaks!

I have big news to share. My family and I have recently decided it’s time for some major changes around our house and, by major changes, I mean a whole new house! Yep, you read that right, we have packed up our lovely bungalow on Dryden and are taking on an adventure in the complete transformation of a new home.

Read on for more details and a sneak peek of our new home (once we actually move in, of course)!

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Kitchen Revamp with Vetrazzo

I have always subscribed to two design philosophies when creating interiors: “classically current,” meaning I look to the past for inspiration and combine those influences with contemporary designs, and “livable luxury,” which is the idea that interiors should be stunning and able to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. There’s no sense in having a picture-perfect interior if one spilled glass of wine or coffee could ruin the whole design! Life happens, and I always try to ensure my designs will stand up to these everyday twists and turns for my clients.

I often test out new products or designs in my own home before recommending them to clients because if a product can stand up to my lively and curious 5-year-olds, then I feel much more comfortable recommending them to my clients.

When it came time to design my line of performance surfaces with Vetrazzo, I knew from the beginning I would want to install at least one of the four colorways in my home. I had worked with Vetrazzo on projects in the past and was always thrilled with the finished product so I was extremely excited for my own Vetrazzo install day!

Read on to see my kitchen transformation featuring the Fair Pearl surface from the Vetrazzo By line.

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Practice What You Preach: A Glimpse Inside My Home

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with the fabulous team from Modern Luxury Houston (who just so happen to be our neighbors at our Houston-based interior design studio). While I have spoken with Chris, the fantastic writer on this story, about client’s interiors, speaking about my own home was a new experience.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous at first. Our house can get a little chaotic at times with two three-year-olds and an energetic Chihuahua running around. But, of course, this is exactly what “livable luxury” is all about, the beauty in the chaos. In fact, in Chris’ full story, which you can find online here or in Modern Luxury Houston’s March issues, he perfectly describes my home as “a low-maintenance, family-friendly space” that “pulls together with warmth and moments of surprise.” Nailed it!

It was certainly an exciting experience to shine the spotlight on my own home and inspired me to share a little more insight about its design. Here are a few of my favorite interior design tricks as applied in my own home!

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Old House Chronicles: Decisions, decisions!

This post is incredibly overdue since we began occupying Old House back in April! We managed to finish up our renovation just in time to have a lovely, al fresco, 1st birthday party for our twin girls.

As a designer, I will never, ever, consider my home to be complete. It is even difficult to share images of it because, I feel, it will be forever in a state of incompletion. This limbo is entirely my fault! Even though I was able to provide our builder with enough information to renovate our home, now the ball is in my court entirely. This means drapery, furniture, etc… may take years to be decided on. Oh the stress – luckily my poor husband is a patient man and puts up with all of this crazy!

So while I worry and stress over making a decision that I will have to live with forever (this sofa, that pillow, etc…) here are a few shots of the exterior façade!

P.S. I decided to paint our planters yellow. One day I like them, the next I hate them. The final color decision will come once the ball topiaries are planted (should happen in a week or so). Images of that, and more of the interior, to follow!

Old House Chronicles: It’s All Coming Together!

I LOVE this part of the design/build process! Everything is coming together at Old House and it seems like there is incredible progress every day! The floors are going in and yet another surprise – instead of straight-lay hardwoods the installer is matching the existing parquet pattern throughout! Amazing! The kitchen backsplash and counters are nearly complete, the interior and exterior have their first coat of paint, and landscaping has started. The renovation should be nearly completed between this week and next. Wallpaper starts early next week and then the movers show up on April 12th. More progress photos to come!

Old House Chronicles: I Can See the Light!!!

I can see the light at the end of the Super Old tunnel! Tile and cabinetry is almost complete, we passed our plumbing/drainage inspections (meaning we can fill in the horrid trenches plaguing the yard), we have our permanent electrical meter so the guys no longer have to work using a generator (don’t ask!), and paint starts next week! I love the tongue and groove ceiling that we installed in the master bath and the same is about to go into the kitchen. The accent tile for the girls’ bath is going in and I can see the outline of the design. All of the exterior doors and windows are IN! They look gorgeous and we decided to paint them all glossy black. I am going back and forth on how much wallpaper is too much wallpaper. Can there ever be too much? I may stick to the girls’ room and the powder for now and see how it goes. We are getting so close! I think we may actually be able to have Liv & Ryan’s first birthday party in Old House’s back yard!


Old House Chronicles: Hurricane at Old House!!

It is no longer the calm before the storm, it is a full blown hurricane at Old House! The trim carpenter and tile installer are there along with the plumber and exterior door installer. I even met our wallpaper installer there today.

The yard has trenches running through it so I can’t even make it to the front door. I am sure they serve an impressive purpose (drainage) but I could’ve lived my entire life without seeing them. It is an amazing process!

Even through all of the work and workers, I can see the finished interior and it is keeping me optimistic and enthusiastic. I know the mess will be short lived and we are in the home stretch. The movers are going to be scheduled for April 5th, so we will be living in the home one way or another! I am definitely encouraged by the exterior being cleaned and prepped for stucco repair and painting. That will make a WORLD of difference and I will be sure those pics go up immediately!

And Lothar Hofbauer of Element Garden designed a gorgeous landscape for us. I am thrilled to see it realized!

Old House Chronicles: Black Roof Happiness

Got my black roof!!!

I have a new black roof! It looks great with the windows and I am so happy that we made that decision. The interior is sheetrocked throughout and is now being floated. Next steps: stucco, flooring, paint, millwork, electrical and plumbing trim, landscaping and … then move in. Easy, right?!