Old House Chronicles Part III

Exciting announcement #1 (well, exciting in the world of the Old House)! We took all of the sheetrock off of the kitchen walls and discovered the house is, in fact, made of concrete (as opposed to the typical wood 2×4 construction)! Not sure what that means for me really but my general contractor seemed to think it was a very good thing.

Exciting announcement #2 – After 2 months (seriously, it’s a problem) of wading through what seems like every option on the planet, I made my window selection today! Drum roll…Weather Shield windows from Exclusive Windows and Doors (Thanks, Burke!). I know what you are thinking and the answer is no – I am not a paid spokesperson. It was just that difficult to decide and Burke and co. were incredibly helpful and patient through the whole process! Plus they are right down the street from my office which makes visits to the showroom to change my mind extremely convenient.

After all of that, the new windows are going to look EXACTLY like the old ones, which were perfect to begin with, except for the fact that they crumbled into crunchy window powder when you touched them. The only difference will be that they will be obsidian (fancy window lingo for black), on the exterior. I love the contrast with the white stucco (which will remain white stucco) and I think it will be very cool with the classic look of the home. Or at least I think they will be obsidian… I may change my mind on that… sorry Exclusive Windows and Doors.

In case you don’t recall what the windows looked like:

Happy to report that there are no spectral figures staring back at me through the glass.
Confirm house not haunted – check.

That’s all the news I have right now. Slow going. Next week we can discuss my awesome existing plumbing fixtures that I am going to powder coat and the vintage (1990s era) Viking range that I am actually going to keep!

Ohorona24.in.ua’s 30 Day’s ’til Christmas | Day 1!

Introducing our very first 30 Days ’till Christmas gift (#30)… our Cobalt Blue Cake Stand! We know how hard you’re going to work in the kitchen, preparing the most beautiful, delicious meals for the Holidays. That’s why we believe your gem of a dessert deserves to be served on only the most elegant of platters.


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Ohorona24.in.ua @Houston’s Fine Art Fair

We have had an amazing week with all of the HFAF events around town. Make sure you head to the Reliant Center this weekend to check out some really inspiring artworks from around the globe. We went last night and were stunned at the turnout and the art being featured. It was like a mini Art Basel in Houston!

Check out the rest of our pictures from the exclusive VIP preview party @.