Plush Blush

It’s hard to believe that we are already a week into May, but before we make the official transition from spring to summer, I want to give recognition to a gorgeous springtime hue that has gained popularity in the interior design world recently and continues to make its way into my classically current designs. That’s right, I’m talking about blush.

I personally love to pair this soft, pale pink shade with gold or grey accents to bring an elegant, feminine touch to the interior design of a space. Whether in the form of pillows, furniture pieces and everything in between, including this subtle hue into a room’s design can have a big impact on the space and may just be the perfect addition to complete your look! Here are some examples of how I’ve blended blush into my interiors, and additional pieces I can’t wait to incorporate in my future classically current designs.

Plush Bedroom Interior

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High Points from High Point Market – A Style Spotter’s Experience

As I settle back into the hustle and bustle of life at our Houston interior design studio, I can’t help but reminisce on the festivities of last week at the 2016 spring ! I attended High Point Market in past years, but coming back as a Style Spotter gave me an entirely new perspective that allowed me to soak in every detail of the design industry’s biggest event.

From seminars and panel discussions to touring the countless amazing showrooms and even testing out virtual reality for interior design, the Style Spotter itinerary took us through a whirlwind of events each day. My team and I got to explore remarkable new advances in the interior design realm, fabulous new finds from the top industry vendors and designers, and it was a blast every step of the way!

It’s a feat to include all the wonderful experiences from High Point, but not impossible. Here are my “high points” from High Point Market!

High Point Market Wayfair Interior

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High Point Market Favorite Finds!

I had an absolutely fantastic time as a Style Spotter at the spring ! Over the course of four action-packed days, my team and I discovered an endless abundance of amazing interior design finds that left us more inspired from one day to the next.

As a Style Spotter, I was tasked with tagging some of my favorite interior designs and products during my tours through the showrooms. With so many fabulous designers and vendors in attendance, narrowing down my absolute favorites was no easy task! That being said, below are the awesome products and designs I discovered that earned a Style Spotter tag from me during my time at the Market.

I can’t wait to incorporate some of these new and dynamic pieces into my clients’ homes! Do you have any favorites that catch your eye?


Classic Interior Chair

I loved the gorgeous architectural style of the Gatekeeper chair by! Fab from all angles – perfect for a dressing room, as well as a formal living space. Truly beautiful and versatile.

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Indestructible Fabrics & Enduring Advice: A Chat with Crypton’s Randy Rubin

We are one day away from and I could not be more excited or honored to participate in this year’s event as a member of the ! From the moment I was asked to participate in the Market as a Style Spotter, I immediately began making mental notes of all of the vendors and designers I knew I had to check out. One of the names at the top of the list: Crypton Fabric.

As part of my Classically Current design philosophy, it’s important that the interiors I design not only transcend the current trends of the moment, but also stand the test of time. My goal is always to create interiors that are equal parts luxurious and livable, because spills happen, accidents happen, life happens, but that shouldn’t ruin a design!

Needless to say, Crypton’s line of checks all of the necessary boxes for  livable, luxurious interiors and the stain-repellent fabrics are available in a wide array of textures, patterns and, most importantly, vibrant colors! A long-time fan of Crypton, I was thrilled to find out the company would be a sponsor of this year’s High Point Market and recently had the opportunity to learn more about Crypton’s newest projects, what’s coming up next, the history of the company and a few pieces of advice from Crypton’s founder, Randy Rubin.

Of course, I am so excited to share all of that fabulous insight here and encourage everyone heading to High Point Market to check out the Crypton showroom to discover all that the company has in store!


Classic InteriorImage: JF Fabrics Meredith Heron Crypton Home Color Collection
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Vessels of Vanity

The bathroom – the room where we get ready for the day, for the night and touch ups in between – has to represent your most fabulous self. As I’ve discussed before, the interior design of a room can greatly so the design of the space where you get ready to take on each day should be just as stylish as you!

Vessel sinks and floating vanities are a couple of my favorite design elements to incorporate into my classically current interiors as they can offer a unique dynamic to bathrooms of any size, bringing style and elegance to the space.

Floating Vanity

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Color Psychology 101 – What does your room represent?

If asked what I think is the most important aspect of the interior design of a room, I would not miss a beat before saying color. Vivacious hues bring a room to life and add personality to bland spaces. Yes, constructing the perfect color palette is certainly an art form in the interior design world, but it’s also a science!

In fact, studies have shown that different colors featured in a room can bring about certain psychological and even physiological effects in people. In short, the color of a room literally provokes distinctly different moods. This method of design is referred to as color psychology, and it is a very important aspect to carefully consider when planning the design of a space.

So what vibes do certain shades give off? Here’s a guide to Color Psychology 101!

bathroom interior design

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Keeping the Classics Current: Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Incorporating a favorite style into interior design does not mean that you have to adhere to an all-or-nothing set of rules and that certainly applies to designing with mid-century modern furniture. Many of my favorite interior design projects include those that seamlessly incorporate the old and the new into one beautiful, classically current interior. Here are a few of my preferred ways to keep mid-century modern styles classically current.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Color

I love to incorporate splashes of color into my client’s interiors. In fact, dashes of thoughtful color are a crucial trademark of Classically Current. As with many aspects of life, all good things are best enjoyed in moderation and this certainly rings true when incorporating color into design.

So, how much color is too much? How do you strike a comfortable balance between saturated hues and neutral tones? These questions can be overwhelming for anyone just defining their color palette, but don’t let them deter you from experimenting. Here are some of my favorite ways to liven up a space with vivacious tones.

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Five Ways to Achieve Farmhouse Style


We are excited to announce our partnership with our friends at to bring you a two-part series highlighting interior design and real estate insight from their team of experts, right here on the blog. We hope you enjoy their tips to achieve a classically current farmhouse style and be sure to check back for part two coming soon!

– XO, LU

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The “Big Kid” Room

As a mother of twin girls, I can attest to how quickly children grow up. One minute you’re rocking them to sleep in a serene nursery and the next you find yourself in the midst of your chaotic morning routine to get them off to school. The change happens quickly and somewhere in the middle of it all comes the time to shift from the sweet nursery where they spent their first nights to the “big kid” room where they will create childhood memories.

I’m a firm believer that homes can be both functional and beautiful, and striking this combination is especially important when designing nurseries and children’s rooms to make for a smooth transition process from one stage to the next. Ready or not, children will grow out of their nurseries and childhood rooms, but a bit of planning ahead during the interior design process can help make this transition one of the easiest parts of growing up.

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