Ohorona24.in.ua Southgate Historic Home Renovation in Houston Texas

Southgate Houston Home Tour: Where Old Welcomes New

A few years ago, Michael and I decided to purchase a charming 1930s home in the Southgate neighborhood, near Rice University. At the time, the home boasted two bedrooms and one (yes, one) bathroom. The configuration was not at all functional for me, Michael, and our young twins. But I had fallen in love with the ivy-covered facade. I made a commitment to restore the home, with practical updates perfect for my growing family of four.

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Ohorona24.in.uamansky's take on Boho Interior

How to Achieve the Look of Sophisticated Boho Interior

I think Bohemian interior design is often misunderstood, even polarizing. I see the style confused with fast fashion and festival culture, unsustainable and mass-produced. But when done well, the result is collected and worldly, reminiscent of exotic locales, and delightfully unconventional. This elusive style is achievable, and today, I’m sharing my thoughts on sophisticated Boho interior design.

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How to Shop Vintage Stores Like an Interiorer

When I shop for vintage or antique pieces, what I’m looking for is that spark, something I can connect with on a personal level. I find that many of my clients do this naturally. In their travels or throughout the generations, they have effortlessly acquired beautiful collections that fit seamlessly into their homes. But for some, this isn’t such an easy task.

I have made some fantastic finds over the years. Today, I want to share with you how I shop vintage stores and give you a peek into my favorite boutiques.

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