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Taking a step outside of the box isn’t easy… especially considering that re-designing your interior is a brave step in itself. We are going to ask that you go even further outside of your comfort zone when it comes to designing your child’s room! A unique color palette is the key to taking your little one’s space from cute to absolutely inspiring. Here are some examples of color combos for the bold!

Fuchsia and Robin’s Egg Blue: This little girls room from our Parkside Contemporary project was created for a sunny space with a neutral backdrop. Our combination of fuchsia, robin’s egg blue, teal, and magenta all work together in perfect harmony.




Pale Green and Bright Coral: These two unexpected colors complement each other perfectly. This fun and energetic pallet gives the play room in our River Oaks Residence a playful vibe that the kids love and the parents can appreciate.

Sunny Yellow and Magenta: This space from our Memorial Park Modern project is definitely for those who appreciate a lively look. We took two bold and bright colors and brought them into this space for unique and fun charm. The turquoise pillows and lamps act as a bold foil to the overall palette.

Be brave when designing your kid’s rooms! Finding that quirky and bold color palette will inspire your children and they will love their rooms!

Check out more of our favorite palettes by following us on Pinterest, or for more ideas check out this great new article from Veranda!

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