It’s hard to believe that we are already a week into May, but before we make the official transition from spring to summer, I want to give recognition to a gorgeous springtime hue that has gained popularity in the interior design world recently and continues to make its way into my classically current designs. That’s right, I’m talking about blush.

I personally love to pair this soft, pale pink shade with gold or grey accents to bring an elegant, feminine touch to the interior design of a space. Whether in the form of pillows, furniture pieces and everything in between, including this subtle hue into a room’s design can have a big impact on the space and may just be the perfect addition to complete your look! Here are some examples of how I’ve blended blush into my interiors, and additional pieces I can’t wait to incorporate in my future classically current designs.

Plush Bedroom Interior

Facile Femininity

My favorite thing about blush tones is the way they can effortlessly make a large impact on the overall tone of a room. Simply throw in a blush accent pillow with a small bouquet of flowers on a side table among supporting colors, like cream or white, to turn a bedroom into a feminine oasis.

Classic Interior Bedding

Just as it is a fabulous color to feature in a feminine interior design, when paired with brass gold accents, blush tones can also elevate a room to a gorgeous, stately design. Consider subtle ways to incorporate this soft pink hue into the design to create a delicate balance among more striking furniture pieces.

Classic Living Room Interior

Adding the colorful hue to these twin arm chairs among gold accents creates a feminine, fresh look against the crisp, white furniture. If you don’t have a in mind yet, take some time to consider tones you would like to surround with this light, airy shade.

Classic Interior

If your goal is to pair this pale tint with other hues aside from gold or cream, blush can play a wonderful supportive role in a room among darker, dominant shades as well.  The versatility of blush makes it malleable in a wide variety of interior design formats, and is a great method to soften the tone of a room.

Looking to the Future

As blush continues to grow in popularity, more and more vendors are introducing the color to their collections and I couldn’t be more excited about some of the fab pieces I have recently discovered.

  has an amazing piece that is the perfect combination of blush and brass gold, and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this for one of my clients!

Blush Chair Derring Hall

Another fantastic vendor with beautiful blush pieces is , whose new collection I was able to check out during my trip at . Her , with tight upholstery and brass legs, would make a stunning statement piece for a classically current design.

Blush Chair Kelly Wearstler

Whether you’re seeking an effortlessly feminine look, an impressive, stately design, or a way to soften a space, consider blush tones to bring a delicate element to the interior design of a room. Most importantly, always remember to have fun with your interior design, and enjoy the h blush!


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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