There are those projects that come along every once and a while that remind us how lucky we are to work in such an innovative and creative industry. This mid-century modern renovation was certainly one of them. The homeowners had invested in creating a home reflective of their own personal style (which we loved!) and was equal parts eclectic and modern.

Our challenge was to update their space and, instead of focusing on the hottest trends, create designs that the family would love for a long time without losing the touches of fun of which the client is so fond. Because the team is dedicated to creating looks that blend inspirations from the past with current design trends, we knew this property was perfect for us!

Read on to see how we totally transformed this home by updating the already charming nature of the space to create a WOW factor that will stand the test of time.

Celebrating space

We just love a nice open floor plan. The original home was built in the 1950’s and we – incorrectly–  assumed it would be very segmented as some older homes are. Imagine our surprise when we found a beautifully open room like this one! We wanted to preserve the original vibe of the space while bringing the home into the 21st Century.

To tackle this lounge-y living room, the team decided to use the entire space instead of the previously segmented layout. We incorporated generous seating and inserted a large scale, tufted ottoman for comfort. The cool blue rug pulls the space together with its modified flame stitch (very 50’s) and the shaggy texture of the bench near the fireplace is soft and whimsical. All in all, the room has more furniture than before yet feels so much larger! The pillows and structured gold light fixture show off the homeowner’s personal style.



Succinct styling

This dining room happens to have spectacular natural light, so it’s safe to say the window in the dining room was our favorite part of styling this spot. Wanting to make the most of the shape of the space, we opted for a contemporary, lengthy table that would seat more guests – perfect for entertaining! We completed the look with a large area rug in a silvery silk, allowing the stunning buffet and light fixtures to stand out. What resulted was a chic dining room that struck a healthy balance between style and approachability.



Luxurious layout

 When we first laid eyes on this room, we knew it wasn’t going to require a complete overhaul, but rather some rearranging and cosmetic updating to add cool character.

We began by taking a look at the main bed wall. This is a fairly large room so, to achieve a cozy look overall, we designed a custom, paneled, headboard. The textiles make the room! We popped in patterned pillows and a luxurious faux fur throw and made certain to bring a little attention to the drapery with the detailed trim on the leading edges. The antique mirrored nightstands and linear crystal sconces are just the right amount of glamour for a master bedroom.



Pops of color

 I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: kitchens are my favorite to design! While they are often the most rewarding, they usually prove to be somewhat challenging in terms of preserving functionality while incorporating style. This home proved to be no different, but what resulted was magical and remains one of my all-time favorite looks! We worked with Shawna Roorda of Bentwood on this fabulous kitchen and we couldn’t have done it without her amazing aesthetic and functional guidance.

As with the dining room, we were dealing with a space with loads of natural light, which we knew we needed to make work with our overall look and feel. We also knew that this room wasn’t necessarily making the most of its layout, and needed to be brightened up.

This kitchen was taken to the studs and we came back in with new flooring, ceiling, lighting, cabinetry and appliances. Our favorite element was the red cabinetry of the island, which meant more storage space and the opportunity to create the crisp, modern finish the room was lacking previously. It’s so much fun when our clients allow us to let our imaginations run wild, which is exactly what we did in this home – especially in the kitchen!



We are so excited to share this before and after with you! We hope it’s inspired you to opt for your own classically current look in your home!

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