Interior design is a transformative process. Through an artful combination of strategic planning and creative thought, designers thrive on creating a completely new space with each project – seeing a project through from beginning to end is, without a doubt, the best part about our job!

Of course, a full redesign is no small feat. There’s consulting and space planning, furniture selection and custom design work, textile choices and installations, and all of the small details in between that combine to create the finished product shown in all of the glossy photos proudly displayed here on the blog.

But what happens before the final photos? Let’s take a look at how our fabulous team took a blank slate and turned it into our client’s vision of a Moroccan oasis throughout the home.

hookah lounge designs

Masterful Redesign

The key to any Moroccan-inspired design is plenty of vibrant color so the bluish-grey statement wall in the master bedroom was the first thing to go. The walls throughout the room were updated with a soft neutral shade to create a natural palette allowing the bright hues of the décor to really pop!

Of course, a Moroccan design is not complete without a few impressive statement pieces, so the team brought in a stunning four-poster bed by , topped with bedding by , and a show-stopping, custom-made chaise lounge by . These two pieces were the perfect anchors to achieve a whimsical, yet stately, design.

master bedroom before

Master bedroom design

Master bedroom inspiration

Guest Room

 As with the master bedroom, the guest room also provided a blank slate for our team to work their design magic. My favorite piece from this room is the eye-catching carved headboard by . With a piece this fab, who needs artwork for the walls?

The headboard, rightfully so, set the tone for the rest of the room, and the team finished it off with a rustic side table to add a natural element to the space and colorful bedding to keep with the Moroccan theme throughout the home

guestroom before design

headboard design ideas

Hookah Lounge

A designers’ dream is to have a spare room in a home to really open the possibilities for creativity. In this home, we were tasked with creating a unique space in a game room area. Imagine you need to come up with a creative way to use the space and keep with the whimsical aesthetic throughout the home, what would you do?

If you said, “create a hookah lounge,” we are on the same page, because that’s exactly what we did!

First to go was the simple ceiling fan and replacing it with a festive disco ball to match the celebratory tone we hoped to achieve in the room was a top priority. We also incorporated a deep blue shade to add an additional eclectic element to the ceiling.

Next steps were wall décor. Rather than going the traditional route with the décor, we shopped at Sari Sapne to create the stunning drapery hanging from saris. From there, we moved in a pair of sofas and cocktail table by , accessorized with color-drenched pillows, and a Moroccan hookah lounge was born!

lounge before

hookah lounge designs


While most of the rooms in the home gave us a blank slate to work with, the study gifted us with a stunning set of rich bookshelves, which became the focal point of the room. Because the existing shelving units are impressive on their own, our goal was to design the room around them.

Swapping the ceiling fan with an elegant chandelier added a modern update to the space, and the stately desk and pop of color provided by the drapery finished off the classically current aesthetic we set out to achieve.

study before

Study design inspiration


The last stop in our Moroccan transformation was the rooftop patio. We chose the dark woven furniture (chair by ) to bring a natural element to the area and, of course, added a variety of colorful hues with h pillows and a fab area rug to put the finishing touches on this rooftop escape!

roof deck before

patio design ideas

So there you have it! Our design team of and did an outstanding job of turning a collection of bare rooms into a Moroccan oasis in the midst of the city. This project represents my favorite aspect of interior design: the process. Without the creative process and inspiration that goes into each project, the stunning results are just not possible! For more interior design inspiration and glossy photos of our finished products, follow along on and !



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