From the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona to the vibrant murals in my hometown of Houston, design inspiration is all around us. This is especially true in the eclectic capital of the Lone Star State!

A quick drive from Houston, Austin is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway and a dose of whimsical inspiration. On a recent trip with my husband, Michael, we hit some of our favorite spots and discovered some new places where we are sure to return.

In a city full of unique charm and plenty to see, here are some of the places I was inspired in Austin.

Austin Design

 First Stop – Tacos!

Before even checking into the hotel,  Michael and I stopped at Waltons for their delicious breakfast tacos. Not only are their tacos amazing, the industrial charm of the interior truly provides a welcoming experience from the minute you walk in the door.

Industrial Design

The high ceilings don’t make the space any less cozy (and the aroma of eggs, bacon and coffee doesn’t hurt!). Walton’s floral boutique creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Industrial Interior

These absolutely gorgeous exposed brick walls instantly give character to the space. The low-lit pendants complement the industrial vibe and add a rustic, vintage element. I just love everything about this interior!

Exposed Brick

Time to Check-In!

Whenever I visit Austin, I love to stay at different hotels. Last time, I enjoyed the Driskill Hotel, an Austin icon. The Driskill opened in 1886 and has a majestic feel and timeless, Texas, charm. Also, you can walk pretty much anywhere from its central location. Super important since Uber vacated Austin!

Austin InteriorMarble Flooring

Pictures really don’t do the interior justice; the lobby features marble inlaid floors and a custom stained glass ceiling as the focal point.

Stained glass ceiling

City Exploration

Not only do I look to interiors for inspiration, but the overall vibe of the city inspires even more. In an eclectic city like Austin, sometimes I find the best designs just walking the city. A walk through South Congress is bound to spark creativity.

Interior InspirationWhimsical Design

For dinner, Michael and I joined friends at Fixe: now a new favorite of ours. Similar to Waltons, this restaurant’s interior design has a quaint, cozy charm to it. The barrels and wall decor made of a variety of china patterns create an atmosphere that emulates the warm, welcoming southern hospitality for which Texas is known.

Wall Decor

The entire restaurant is fantastically designed and I love the private dining room.I loved the patterned wallcovering with a mix of different tones and hues, and I wish I could have taken theirs back home with me! Additionally, the exposed Edison bulbs on the light fixtures emit a lovely low-lit, warm glow. Love, love, love.

Classic Interior

Austin is so worth the visit. While I only had a weekend with the city, I was incredibly inspired and look forward to the next time I find myself there!


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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