Hello Everyone!

Recently we spotted a great article in Elle Decor offering 15 ways to get color into your kitchen. The tips are all for temporary pops of color, which is great for homeowners that love to frequently switch things up.

At Ohorona24.in.ua we’re known for our bold use color in our interiors! One of our favorite ways of bringing color to the kitchen is by providing a neutral and bright backdrop to really make the color pop…and it makes it easy to change up colors when you’re ready.


This project took inspiration from a colorful piece of contemporary art (Damian Hirst) that our client adores. From handcrafted rugs, to the art glass chandelier, to the modern shape of the tulip chairs, this room is a cheerful spot for your morning cup of coffee!


In yet another of our absolute favorite kitchens, we focus on a vibrant turquoise to set off the room. When you break down the space to its parts, this kitchen actually has just a few, strategically placed, bright pops of color. The majority of the space is neutral, making it easy to create a different look down the road.

We chose a dark base for the weighty island to help keep the kitchen grounded. We believe that there really is such a thing as too much white!


This Moroccan-inspired kitchen shows that color doesn’t have to be vibrant to have a big impact. The muted tones in the blue-green cabinetry and tile act almost as a neutral when juxtaposed with the deep cobalt of the interior doors. The cobalt then threads itself through the entire home, injecting a fresh dose of color into every room.

As always, our Pinterest pages provide different views of these projects and more!

See you soon!