The Groundhog may have prognosticated that we are due for a long winter this year but, let’s be honest, winter days in Houston are few and far between. It’s around this time of year, I can’t help but dream of spring while trying to enjoy the cooler, breezy days before the summer heat begins to grace us with its presence.

As we wait for the summer heat, now is the perfect time to give your backyard a little love and in my case – bring it back to life before you have the summer sun beaming down on you.

For some great ways to prepare for a glorious spring and a sweltering summer out of doors and in style, continue reading to see some of my favorite patio and backyard designs.

outdoor furniture ideas

Take a seat, any seat

Your backyard should serve as an extension of your home by reflecting your lifestyle and personality. Create a place where family and friends can gather and relax while enjoying some Vitamin D. I am a big believer in making the most out of shaded areas, especially in Texas, by using large trees, covered patios and/or umbrellas.

As you can see in the photo below, we styled the backyard much like a living room and beat the heat by keeping all seating covered, as well as adding a beneficial option of closing off the area with stunning drapery.

outdoor living area

Take advantage of ALL open space. In the top left corner, you may notice something that resembles a fab swing meant for lounging and you’d be right – I love making the most of small spaces! Allow me to zoom-in for you…

outdoor lounge swing

Maintaining your materials

Comfortable and attractive furniture makes a huge difference in outdoor style. Your outdoor time should be spent enjoying your space not worrying about maintaining your gorgeous furniture. It is wise to purchase easy-care patio furniture: synthetic woven material, powder coated metal, stone, and resin are unfazed by mother nature and will withstand the test of time. Some other great outdoor materials are teak, concrete, and ceramic. Note that teak takes more maintenance, but it is a warm and beautiful material. Don’t forget to add colorful accents to complement the natural scenery!

outdoor furniture ideas

Lounge by the pool

In the event your backyard includes a pretty pool, adding chaise lounges will entice family and friends to soak up the sun and take a dip in the crisp, cool water. Check out the classic white chaises, from , that we used for a client in the photo below. Not only do they add instant lux, but I am in love with the attached side tables! We placed them in an area surrounded by natural shade for added protection from the Houston heat.

pool lounge chairs

It’s a good idea to add a variety of seating around the pool for those who aren’t up for lounging. If there is lack of shade, try incorporating a zippy umbrella much like in the photo below. It is amazing how en vogue black and white remains. The striped umbrella in the classic combo allow for the orange accent tables to pop!

seating by the pool

Family tables

When you have a Summer kitchen (or even just easy access to your interior kitchen) an outdoor dining area is a must when styling the backyard. My personal favorite is an over-sized long family style table – check it out in the photo below. It’s luxurious but practical: a perfect example of livable luxury! To ensure maximum comfort make sure to choose comfortable chairs with durable cushions.

long outdoor table

Water features

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the sound of flowing water! It is peaceful and serene. If you want to add a dramatic statement piece a fountain is the way to go; see for yourself in the photo below. There is just something subtly romantic about them. Must be the Classical Euro-vibe they give off. Either way I can’t get enough!

fountain inspiration

With endless possibilities to make your backyard an oasis, be sure to begin by surrounding yourself with quality outdoor furniture, a spacious dining area and statement pieces that highlight your personality. But above all – for us Texans especially – don’t forget to incorporate ways to beat the heat. For more interior design inspiration follow me on and !


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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