As we were designing the Boulevard Show House, I knew we wanted the tile to take center stage in the , , and on the . So I worked with the experts at  (one of my go-to’s for tile) to find styles that were sophisticated, modern and elegant. We ended up with selecting some fabulous tile for our home and I’m so thrilled to have Ann Sacks as a Pine Sponsor.

But it was so hard to choose because there were so many gorgeous options! So today I wanted to share some of the other tiles I love from the new Ann Sacks tile spring 2018 collection. 


The cream and brown coloring in this alabaster tile make it the perfect option for a clean, sleek look. The larger size makes the tile look visually seamless and the neutral tones provide the perfect backdrop for metallic or brass accent pieces. As a note, alabaster is very soft and scratches easily, so it’s best used in indoors on the wall.

Creamy alabaster and gold metallic tile from Ann Sacks - Interior


Dell’acqua Mosaics

I love mosaic tiles because of the versatility of the color palettes and designs. The different combination of hues give the space a pop of color and a three-dimensional feel, which adds visual interest. Mosaic tile is ideal for outdoor areas like pools or fountains or can be used indoors in a kitchen or bathroom.

Geometric Dell'acqua mosaic tile from Ann Sacks - Interior

Geometric Dell'acqua mosaic tile from Ann Sacks - Interior

Versailles Revolution

This pattern speaks to my love of architectural history! These glass tiles were handcrafted exclusively for Ann Sacks by talented artisans right here in the US. They employ 18th-century mirror making techniques in order to create the sheen. The industrial edge and mirrored effects make it a striking option for a masculine bar or cocktail area.


Versailles Revolution industrial mirrored edge tile by Ann Sacks - Interior



These ceramic tiles are , an artist and designer who is highly skilled in glaze technology. The bold, geometric designs create depth and dimension while the rich, copper color glaze adds a luxe touch. It’s a fabulous backdrop for a glamorous, modern bathroom or a grand entry with space for a larger installation.

Daniel Ogassian copper geometric tile by Ann Sacks - Interior

As the team and I have been dreaming about all the ways to use these new tile designs in our client’s interiors, it’s inspired us to look back at some of the fun ways we’ve used Ann Sacks tile and patterns in the past.

Powder rooms are one of my favorite spaces to design because the smaller space allows you to show off your personality in a daring way. Whether you use tile on the wall or as flooring, we love to use creative and eye-catching patterns to add unexpected elements to powder rooms.


Liaison by Kelly Wearstler

In one of my favorite powder rooms, we used the from the collection to turn this wall into a piece of art. The classic black and white colorways give this powder room a modern, art deco feel. Though we used it on the wall, this tile also makes a stunning as well.


Liaison Kelly Wearstler tile by Ann Sacks - Interior design black and white powder bathroom


Tile can be used in so many ways in your home. Whether you’re using it on the floor, as a backsplash or to create an accent wall, it’s a unique way to customize a space. The endless number of colors, shapes, and sizes mean that no matter what space you’re designing you can find the perfect tile. It adds depth, dimension, pops of color and the design can be a great conversation starter. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your tile and designs, especially when it involves some of these beauties from Ann Sacks tile!

To view more of my favorite tile styles and find inspiration on how you can incorporate tile in a fun way in your design, follow me on and .

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