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Today we want to talk the smallest, but super important, room in your home: the bathroom. Here are several key elements you should consider when implementing a clean, uncluttered, yet creative, look.

MARBLE? Yes, please!

Marble is the epitome of clean, natural, elegance. There has never been a bathroom that wouldn’t have looked better in marble, period. But marble is not for the feint of heart! It requires attention and maintenance to ensure longevity. I promise that it is worth the work! This bathroom from on of our fave client’s homes showcases a space that is nearly covered in marble from top to bottom. While there is a lot of beautiful movement in the stone, the consistent material keeps the look simple and structured.


Give a nod to NATURE.

I absolutely love to bring the outdoors in! I use natural materials and incorporate live plants throughout my home and the bathroom should never be an exception. Nature is warm and fresh, which is a perfect element to have in the bathroom. If you can’t get on board with a friendly house plant in the bath, then try these naturally carved granite vessels. We used these in a Bellaire Guest House and paired them with the richly stained cabinetry.


[ezcol_1half]2[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Bring on the TEXTURE!

The tiled walls, marble countertops, and a larger format porcelain floors give us lot’s of look in this Moroccan-inspired bath. With this fantastic base, we add texture to the room with the metallic beaded and undulating mirrors and the hammered nickel sinks. The pattered grilles on the cabinet doors are not only beautiful, but functional. They allow air flow to are area of the cabinet that may have a bit of water in it from time to time. (*hint – these screens are also great for Audio Video equipment cabinets because they allow for hot air to escape).

While the bathroom is one of the smaller spaces in your home with a little marble, nature, and texture, it will be the room you love above all others! For fab fixtures you shouldn’t miss Elegant Additions in Houston and be sure to check out La Nova for that unforgettable accent tile.

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