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With the New Year going by faster than ever, it’s time to let go of last year’s trends and move on to something new in 2015. This year we’re seeing designers (including ourselves) openly embrace the latest looks that offer tons of flexibility when creating a space to call your own.

The biggest transition has been straying away from monochromatic colors and going bold with pops of cobalt blue, soft rose and melon, and especially green. Green is huge this year and we at Ohorona24.in.ua are thrilled to hear this color will be seen even more!


    Aston Design Studio | George Penniman Architects

Along with this, the trend predictors over at Elle say that Scandinavian trends are making their way to the U.S. This style includes some quirky accessories like metal globe lights, wood framed chairs, and wooly accessories.


                     1 | Elle Decor



Photo: Bruce Buck

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Having a hard time saying goodbye to last year’s faves? No need to worry! Some of the best trends of previous seasons will continue on for years to come and become classics in their own right: black kitchens, bronze and gold hardware, and reclaimed wood.

So folks, it’s time to toss out your chevron pillows and neon yellow accessories, because 2015 is looking fashion-forward!

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