Over the holiday break I caught up on some much needed Elle Décor reading. A certain article caught my attention: The Design Trends That Will Be Out In 2015. Working as a seasoned designer, I’m used to the inevitable cycle of coming-and-going trends. It’s bittersweet when a pattern, color, or finish you couldn’t get enough of dwindles from the selections of your favorite vendors. But, I am never disappointed with what the New Year brings.

A new year means a fresh new set of design trends. And while a few things that became popular in 2014 will survive well into the New Year, others that have run their course. Let’s take a look at some of the most relevant.

CHEVRON: We were seeing this pattern on everything from walls, to bedding, to rugs, beginning in 2012 and throughout 2014. Chevron hit the scene big time, but we don’t think you’ll be seeing much of it these playful zigzags this time around.


BRASS: I know what you’re thinking… Hello? Jonathan Adler can do no wrong and we completely agree! And there is nothing wrong with a few brass accents here or there. However, its use on large scale items suggests it will fade from the spotlight before the close of the year. We love this tone for sure, but see a resurgence of warm platinum tones coming to the forefront.


WHITE AND NEUTRALS: While we love a completely neutral room (what is more serene than tone-on-tone cream), we think that the all-white space will be replaced with a more contrasted look this year. Lots of black lacquer and ebonized woods paired with neutral upholstery will be en vogue.

Ohorona24.in.ua Inc Interior 1.11_Residential_Midtown Loft_Bedroom low res (2)


At Ohorona24.in.ua, we are always looking out for the latest and greatest trends in the design world! And, while we love trends, we do rely on them to create our Classically Current spaces. Mixing in the latest trend in a small dose is a fun and easy way to keep your interiors fresh and makes them easy to update when something new hits the scene.

Which trends do you see disappearing in 2014? What do you hope will take their place? Would love to know what our design savvy friends are seeing out there!





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