Want to dress up your foyer?

It’s simple, a foyer is the entry way to your home. Therefore, the design of this space should be as inviting and appealling as your interior.  The careful design of the foyers is often neglected as these areas are sometimes considered as the pass through space. So today, we give you five tips to assist you with making your foyer a truly designed space, compliments of .

Foyer Decorating Tips

1. Try painting your foyer a different color from the adjacent rooms. Warm colors generally appear more inviting.

2. It is advisable to use lighting with adjustable brightness. Though you need the foyer to be well lit, you don’t want it to be glaringly bright. If you want something ‘high impact’, experiment hanging a chandelier. Keep in mind the limitation of the space, when choosing lighting.

3. Hang a mirror in the foyer to show attractive features on the opposite wall and to give an effect of increased space.

4. You could also display a gallery wall of artwork, photographs or showcase a beautiful piece of sculpture or bronze on a foyer table.

5. In order to bring a bit of ‘life’ into the space you could place plants inside. It is ideal to consider ones that are ‘tall’ and do not occupy too much floor space .

Shelving Storage Solutions Part II

BOOK SHELVING -When books were written by hand and were not produced in great quantities, they were kept in small boxes or chests which owners (usually the wealthy or clergy) carried with them. As manuscript volumes accumulated in religious houses or in homes of the wealthy, they were stored on shelves or in cupboards typically with glass fronts. As books became more readily affordable, with the invention of the Guttenberg Press, shelves became more affordable as well eliminating the costly glass. Today, you can create book shelving to hold your collection whil also using them as a decorative piece.

CORNER SHELVING – corner shelves make great use of typically wasted space. No longer are they just country wood cupboards but corner shelving has now gone modern in an array of styles and color ways.

FLOATING SHELVES – Floating shelves save space as well as give any room an updated look with their modern design. Simple to install, floating bookshelves use empty wall space and allow you to store knickknacks, decorative items, books or other media easily. The floating appearance of shelving goes well with any existing room decor.

Shelving Storage Solutions Part I

Most of us overlook the need for organized and functional storage, until we feel the lack of it with the sudden increase in our wardrobe or with things that need to be stored properly. The key to a perfect shelving system is to prioritize the available space and make the most of it. In order to utilize the maximum space, we need to know the types of shelving solutions available. In part one of this article, we will address the first two types of shelving available.

WALL SHELVES – the classic solution. Wall shelves are a great way to display items or decorate with. A wall shelf is easy to attach to your wall and adds a great decorative element to any room and there are endless style options.

MODULAR SHELVES – If you love to drill holes, pound in nails, or use a tape measure, then installing a modular storage system is for you! Modular systems come in a variety of styles and finishes and you can select from dozens of components (rods, shelves, racks, drawers, pegs) to create the perfect storage space.

Stay tuned for Part II!

Paper Art!

It’s no question we love paper sculptures at Ohorona24.in.ua! We carry the amazing papier mache line from Stray Dog Designs and we just love their products. We stumbled upon Canadian artist ‘ paper sculpture designs that are a celebration of the wild. Nicholls celebrates his love of animals by carving out intricate, and simply amazing paper sculptures that capture the beauty of nature and the wild.

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Black, White and Red: A Bold Classic!

Featured below is the home of UK designer Sue Timney. This home is nothing short of adventurous with exotic flourishes of red that set the tone for a home that is as warm and inviting as it is striking.

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Modern Chineese Design, Take One!

Today, we bring you a few interior design inspirations compliments of the Chineese design company 14YA. Modern Chinese interior designs are evolving because they strike a fine balance by combining tradition and contemporary designs and these interiors show a great mix between color and style.

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A company known for re-inventing the wheel!

A few weeks ago, we came across the company Aviary. Located in Austin, Aviary is known for creating concepts that are unique and forward-thinking. They strive to re-invent the wheel by focusing on unique accents and furnishings for the home. Their dedication and passion for quality even carried over into their new venture, a wine bar. At Lounge Aviary, every design piece is available for sale. The glassware, the seating, the tables, rugs, lamps, even the utensils.


The Fred Shand Pink Ditte Sofa!

Anthropologie’s collection of furniture can be described in many different ways but one thing we admire, they certainly know how to give us options that are at the very least, interesting. The minimalist Ditte line is  cloaked in whimsical upholstery by Fred Shand. Each piece is upholstered in hand-screened, patched and appliqued cotton that’s been washed to create a worn, well-loved look. Below is the Pink Ditte sofa.




A Private Malibu Relaxation Retreat!

Happy Monday Everyone! While browsing this morning after coffee, I saw this article on actress Courteney Cox. It features her new Malibu, California beach home. The home sits high above the Pacific on two acres and include guest cottages, a tennis house and court, a screening room, and a saltwater swimming pool. Little known (or learned) fact, Courtney wanted to be an architect before delving into the life of a Hollywood superstar. See below for a few images of the interior. To read the entire article, visit

Talk About An Outdoor Appeal!

The inspiration for Fernanda Marques’ unique house came from the idea that one could be inside but still feel like you were outside. The concept is that nature and the environment plays a critical role in the design of our space. Take a look at how the home transforms from room to room and how it pulls in the elements of the outdoors inside.  

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